Maia Luxury Resort and Spa, Seychelles


This Cozy and Luxury Spa Resort is located on Seychelles – a group of islands in the Indian Ocean east of Tanzania. Maila Luxury Resort and Spa is on the coast of island Au Cap. The resort offers luxury accommodation in 2 type villas – Maia Signature Villas, each with direct access to the beach, and Ocean Panoramic Villas, each with amazing views over the beautiful sea. The resort offers butler service and the only gourmet eatery on the island. 

The whole property of the resort is lushly landscaped with beautiful trees and herbs – over 300 different species of exotic plants. You will have the perception that you are in the heavens garden. The perfect place for relaxation and peace of mind. You can enjoy the yoga classes or just have professional spa treatments. Just relax and enjoy your summer vacation at Seychelles.

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