Enjoy the Natural Beauties of Madagascar

Enjoy the Natural Beauties of Madagascar

Madagascar is awesome island near South-East Africa. It has amazing nature including thousands of miles beautiful beaches, rainforest, waterfall, sand pyramids, stone forest, beautiful mountains and so on. Some ecologists called it "the eighth continent" because of its well preserved nature. It is one of the most popular travel destinations among Europeans, because of cozy beach resorts and safety safari tours.

One of the most popular places is the avenue of Baobabs – incredible place with these huge trees in strange shapes. You should definitely visit it one day. If you like waterfalls you can visit Lily waterfall which is located near to town of Ampefy, or you can visit Reunion Island on coast of Madagascar and enjoy the Blanche Cascade Waterfall.

There are a lots to see, so plan your next vacation to visit Madagascar!


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