Kitchen Decoration with Mini gardens and Pots with Aromatic Herbs

Kitchen Decoration with Mini gardens and Pots with Aromatic Herbs

If you love cooking what’s a better choice of growing own herbs in your kitchen? This idea isn’t new and become more and more popular last years. Beside its convenience for cooking, the whole look and ambience of the kitchen will become more vibrant and green, and full of pleasant scents. The indoor kitchen garden wouldn’t take up much space, with proper decoration the room will look even more spacious.

And here goes the question: What herbs to choose? The easiest to grow are basil, chives, coriander, parsley, thyme, rosemary and many others. You even can create a mixed garden, some pots planted with herbs, others with flowers for more aromas and colors in kitchen space.

For those kind of mini gardens you can use various materials like wood, tin, clay, ceramic and many more. If your plants need more water than you better use clay or wooden pots, so the oxygen can easily to penetrate to the plant roots. Another advice is to place your garden (or pots) with herbs in the South or West part of the home to make their flavors more intense.

In conclusion we can say that these aromatic herbs will not only beautify your kitchen but add more pronounced taste to all of your dishes. Here is 12 examples of indoor kitchen mini gardens with herbs: