Minnehaha Falls City Park in Minneapolis

Minnehaha Falls City Park in Minneapolis

Minnehaha Park is an amazing and beautiful city park in Minneapolis, Minnesota. There are the Minnehaha Falls, part of the Minnehaha Creek which flows near into the Mississippi river. The park is part of the National Park Service and lies within Mississippi National River and Recreation Area.

Minnehaha Park is designed back in 1883 and was part of the popular Upper Mississippi River “Fashionable Tour” in the late 1800s. The park preserves those kind of transportation and architectural achievements as Minnehaha Princess Station, Longfellow House and others too.

As an activities the Minnehaha Park offers places for outdoor picnic, paved trails for walking or biking. There are also a path from the waterfalls to the Mississippi River along the Minnehaha Creek.

If you visiting Minneapolis you must visit this awesome and astonishing natural park!


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