Natural Beauties of Samoa

Natural Beauties of Samoa

Samoa is group of islands located into Pacific Ocean approximately the half way between Hawaii and New Zealand. The islands are south of the equator. The nature there is very beautiful and suitable for summer vacations all the year. When you visit the Samoa islands, you can do a lot of activities, but now we will focus you on the natural beauties there. From the amazing mountains to the astonishing waterfalls, each and every Samoa natural beauty are so incredible.

Maybe the most popular attraction in Samoa is “To Sua” – a giant swimming hole where you can get with ladder or just jump in it if you dare. Actually the holes are two connected with mini cave formed by lava rocks. The hole filled with turquoise water is 30m deep.

Another Natural Beauty in Samoa is the Papapapai Uta Falls. The fall are about 100 meters high and it is not recommended to stay at the cliff edge, because it is not stable. Despite that the falls are one of the major touristic attraction in the region.

Samoa is an Excellent Place Where to Spend your Summer Vacation.


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