One & Only Palmila Resort

One & Only Palmila Resort

One&Only Palmilla is one of the most luxurious sea resorts in Mexico. It is located on the Baja Peninsula where Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez – The very south of the California. When you visit Mexico, especially this luxury resort you can enjoy your tropical vacation in south Mexican California.

The property of One & Only Palmila Resort is right on the beach full of exotic palm trees – a perfect place for your summer vacation. You can enjoy swimming or walking, or just relaxing under the shadow. The resort has two pools, one of them with infinity edge, pool bar and a waterfall. Accommodation is in large rooms with sun decks and balconies and the dining options are perfect - there are restaurant with Micheline starred chef.

The One & Only Palmila Reosrt is one of the places you must visit when you are traveling to Mexico.


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