Why the Coronavirus Death Toll is so high in Italy?

Why the Coronavirus Death Toll is so high in Italy?

Now Italy is the country with the worst statistic about Covid-19 pandemic and many people wondering why is that? Over 100 000 reported cases and over 10 000 deaths and each day the numbers get high and high. Opposite of that in Germany number of people tested with coronavirus also increase very fast, but there the deaths are significantly less. Spain also is in position of Italy, and you will see that the circumstances in both countries are similar.

So why the Death Toll of Covid-19 is so high in Italy?

Nobody really knows why the deaths are so many in Italy, but there are several theories that are common sense. One of the theories are more realistic, another is more conspiracy theory. Probably the combination of these factors is causing more deaths.
Italians have a common habit, to hug and kiss friend when they meet on the street, this is causing exponentially increasing of coronavirus spread. Despite that North of Italy where the epicenter of Covid-19 is now has a huge amount of tourist visiting the country, The Venice Festival was exactly on the days of outbreak. Another vector of spreading the coronavirus was ski resorts in Dolomites. That’s why Northern Italy was the first hit by coronavirus.

Elderly population

Italy is a country with very elderly population, the average death age from covid-19 is about 80 years. Elderly people are more vulnerable and common are with another concomitant diseases like diabetes, heart disease, or with kidney problem and on hemodialysis

Resistant Superbacteria

Italy has a problem with Resistant Superbacteria, for 2019 there are over 11000 deaths caused by infections of resistant to antibiotics bacteria. The reason is nearly twice more prescribed antibiotics to people compared with Germany or Norway. In many of the Italian hospitals are colonies of super bacteria. Coronavirus lowers the immunity and bacteria attacks, if it is a superbacteria the death is very common.

Trivalent Flu Vaccine
Some experts say that the difference between death toll in Italy and Germany is the flu vaccine that have been used. Italy used trivalent influenza vaccine which is less expensive, Germany used four valent flu vaccine.

5G Mobile Networks
North Italy has 5G mobile network, some experts says that the frequency of the 5G network are causing immune deficit, that’s why there are so many death cases, especially in Lombardy where the 5G network is very well developed.

Nobody really knows what causes this high death toll rate in Italy, but the mentioned reasons are common sense and we will understand in near future the true reason.


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