World Map Park in Denmark

World Map Park in Denmark

There is an incredible park in Denmark which represents a world map and countries on it. You can walk over it and stroll the through the continents. The park is located in the lake Klejtrup in Denmark and is a awesome place to visit it. The park is created by Soren Poulsen, a farmer who started building the world map in 1944 after the World War II. He continued forming the map until his death in 1969.

Now the park is very popular and thousands of people visit it. It is a perfect place for family vacation. The world map is not the only attraction. There are so many other things you can enjoy. Especially for the kids. The can play minigolf, to ride a donkey cart or pony, or to enjoy a mini boat trip in “Pacific”. The park is dreaming vacation for little kids, so don’t miss to visit it with your family.

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